Klondike Resources is a new company established by John “Klondike” Koehler, following the sale of Klondike Sound Company to his employees on August 31, 2016. Klondike Resources is fully independent of Klondike Sound LLC, the name chosen by the new owners to continue the Company’s 49-year history as a provider of sound services.

As a consultant, Klon is excited to continue working with some of the industry’s greatest event producers, and welcomes opportunities to serve new clients and audiences.

As the concert and festival industry navigates the challenge of 2020’s Silent Summer, it’s important that we all continue to support music in all forms, and stay ready for a strong resurgence of shows in 2021. Please visit the National Independent Venue Association’s Save our Stages campaign, to request that your congressional representatives vote for the RESTART act, supporting venues near you. To lose them is to lose the incubators for touring artists and festival headliners of the future.

It is musicians who bring us together to celebrate our shared culture and lift our spirits. It is local theaters, clubs and festivals that make these gatherings possible.

Stay safe, see you soon,



photo: touring with The Singhs in Srinagar, Kashmir, India